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Training and Development

In today’s word, most companies around the sphere have increased their attention on training and development of their staff to persistently keep their skills up-to-date in line with the modern business needs. It has become an integral part of their human resource management section. Some are conducting regular professional development courses for the staff to ensure professional grooming aligned to their business objectives.

NUSK IT has a team of dedicated professional trainers which are highly experienced in delivering superior quality training as per company’s requirements. All our trainers are subject specialists that ensures customized training programs for each individual company through thorough need assessment. This in turns leads to proper improvement in the knowledge and efficiency of the trainees. Our training cycle embraces the following steps:

  • Need Appraisal and Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Define objectives of the training

  • Develop and execute training plan

  • Evaluate, Review and Revise Training

Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motor Company once said:

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay“.

The training subjects we offer are:

Soft Skills Training

• Developing Future Leaders
• Business Communication
• Problem Solving & Decision Making
• Project Management
• Leadership Excellence Program
• MS-Office (Excel, Word & PowerPoint)
• Selling Brilliance
• Art of B2B Selling
• Behavioral Change
• Conflict Management
• Cognitive Skills
• Managerial Skills
• Organizational Change
• Operational Excellence in Management
• Effective Management
• Personal Effectiveness
• Resource Mobilization
• Work Place Harassment
• HR for Non-HR Managers
• Developing Leaders
• Stress & Time Management
• The Right Think
• Interpersonal Communication Skills
• Personal & Professional Development
• Sincere Service, Shared Smiles
• Professional Grooming & Hygiene
• Building High Performance Teams
• Quality Management System
• ISO Standards and Implementation
• Performance Audit

Technology Training

• Application Security including Web development, deployment and Sql Server
• Performance Optimization including SQL Server and .NET
• Best Practices – All areas of .NET
• Best Practices – Improving Developer’s Discipline by Conducing ‘Code Complete’ Sessions
• Application Design – Design Patterns

Human Resource Services

NUSK IT help you source, engage, hire and retain the best talent. We provide a comprehensive yet simple solution that provides guidance to our clients at every step. We offer an approach to hiring that empowers an organization to hire better people in less time and at lower cost of talent acquisition while enhancing employer branding.
Our Organizational Development practices focuses on aligning and optimizing organizational structure, processes, culture and people with their business strategy. We work with executive management of businesses (CEOs, CTOs, COOs, CHROs, etc.) to carryout need assessment and implement best procedures and practices to maximize value and return on investment for recruiting, grooming and engaging the right talent; and building the organizational capabilities.